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This Compilation of Quick-Thinking Dads Saving Children Is Better Than Action Movies

If we know anything about little kids, it's that they are basically accidents waiting to happen. Time after time we see them stumble into sharp corners, climb up to high places and generally find themselves in risky situations. Thankfully there are eagle-eyed parents out there to help save them from getting hurt. On Reddit's r/Daddit page, a video compilation of dads showing off their lightning-fast reflexes is going viral. In the video, we see dads make amazing last-minute saves, grabs and dives to help keep their kids out of harm's way, just in the nick of time. It's enough to raise your blood pressure just by watching.

Some of the commenters even shared their own stories of harrowing kid rescues.

It turns out there is an entire subreddit page called r/DadReflexes that's dedicated to these types of anxiety-inducing videos.

Shout out to all of the parents pulling off miraculous saves and helping their kids avoid accidents. You're all heroes in our book.

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