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Al Capone’s Life Was More Tragic Than You Realized

During Prohibition, Al Capone became the biggest bootlegger in American history, and ruled the Chicago Mob for six years. But there’s more to this legendary gangster than you might think. Let’s open the vault and explore the tragic life of Al Capone. In 1930, the city of Chicago named Al Capone as “Public Enemy No. 1.” Most knew Capone by a completely different nickname: Scarface. The gangster sported three prominent scars on the side of his neck and left cheek, and they gave him a pretty intimidating look. Whenever he was asked about them, the crime lord would say that he was injured in World War I. The truth, however, was very different. As a young man, Capone worked as a bouncer for Frankie Yale. One fateful evening, the 18-year-old Al spotted a girl named Lena across the bar, but when he tried asking her out, she turned him down… twice. As she was leaving, Capone tried out one last line, giving her a foulmouthed compliment on her figure. Lena didn’t take it as a compliment, and neither did her brother, Frank Galluccio. Infuriated, Galluccio pulled a knife and went to work on Capone’s face, slashing him to ribbons and forcing Capone to get 80 stitches. Frankie Yale intervened before things could get any more violent, and it would eventually turn out that Capone could be a surprisingly forgiving guy… when he wanted to be. After experiencing his knife work firsthand, Capone later hired Galluccio to work as his bodyguard. Watch to know more about how Al Capone’s life was more tragic than you realized!

Erika Li

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