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La Eme and the A.B. They’re a lot tighter than what people think

A false narrative floating around was that eme member Joe Morgan was responsible for the Eme and A.B. alliance. Well this was never true. The A.B. and Eme first bonded when both prison gangs started forming in their early stages and are still tight with each other as of today. A lot tighter than what people think.

A unprecedented move was granted for a native american A.B. member Martin “Crazy Horse” Louis that wanted out of the A.B. to join La Eme. Both organizations have a death oath but because of the relationship that the A.B. and La Eme have with each other, permission was granted and Martin Louis became “Cabillo” from La Eme.

It’s not rare to see eme members wives and girlfriends caucasians and A.B. members wives and girlfriends hispanic. You’ll never see them with black girls or as they would say “burning coal”. Some may call it racism or whatever but this is how it goes in the inside and outside and will never change. Both prison gangs hate blacks and the blacks won’t dare to disrespect or mess with them. Remember what is dictated and put into law in the inside is what is also law on the outside. If you run into any chicanos/ chicanas that claims 13 and say the opposite then their not real surenos and aren’t shit. They’ll be singing a different song if they ever get locked up.

Izzy G

#EastLA #Chicana Content contributor fro #RRMagazine. #AmateurJournalist #UCLA #Activist

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