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MS Gang members are fighting La Eme The Mexican Mafia

MS and the east coast MS no longer wants to fall under the alliance of the surenos and the Mexican Mafia. MS is under contract for certain drug cartels and are currently disrupting the Mexican Mafia.

With an estimated gang membership worldwide at over 70,000 and no longer just in the pico union district in Los Angeles many MS gang members are aligning themselves with their east coast members and are no longer claiming themselves as surenos. With strong gang territories in Metro Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, East Hollywood and North Hollywood it comes to no surprise as many of the MS members were disgruntled for years in taking orders from mexicans and chicanos. The good majority of MS are Salvadoreans. This isn’t the first for gangs in not wanting to align themselves with the Mexican Mafia or surenos in Los Angeles. The east Los Angeles Maravilla gangs and the West Los Angeles Culver city boys are just to name a few from the past who chose not to follow orders from the Mexican Mafia or align themselves with the surenos. With their membership ranking in as the top biggest gang in the U.S. MS appears to be able to hold their own. Let’s see what happens in the future.


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Judy Ann Quesada

#ClaremontColleges graduate #HarveyMudd Content contributor for RR-Magazine. Originally from the #SGV #LaPuente. #BusinessOwner #Entrepreneur I love my hood.

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