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8 Families RSVP'd tp Kid's Birthday Party, None Show Up or Even Notify Mom

While many were celebrating Mother's Day over the weekend, a mom on Reddit was left feeling disappointed about a get-together she had planned. No, she wasn't talking about her own Mother's Day festivities, but rather, her son's 6th birthday party, which took place on the same day.

On the forum, user Glamdring321 explained that she considered the possibility of a low turnout when she was planning the celebration since it fell on the holiday. As a result, she decided to over-invite, and timed the event for noon to 2 p.m., "thinking it would be after brunch or before a barbecue, typical Mother’s Day activities." She even sent out invitations "a month in advance to families with multiple reminders," booked the venue, got the party supplies and so forth. Eight families RSVP'd, and the OP expected 18 children total to be attending.

Unfortunately, when the child's birthday party finally came around, none of the families showed up.

But it gets even more heartbreaking. "The parents emailed me asking for gift ideas, telling me how many siblings to expect, saying how excited they were … and all eight families no-showed. I get that it’s Mother’s Day, and yea, the weather wasn’t great, but would it kill you to send me a damn text message?!?"

Nevertheless, the party still went on, despite her and her husband's "obvious disappointment." She added, "My son seemed to have a good time anyway, until he realized all of the empty place settings when we did cake."

On Reddit, many agreed that the families who RSVP'd were in the wrong for not notifying the mom that they weren't attending, and that the mom should address the matter with them. "I would personally call out every single adult. This is disgusting and no way to behave at all. Everyone can have emergencies coming up. But writing a quick text at least should always be possible," the top comment read. Another person wrote, "You need to confront these parents. It is not OK to do this. Not only did you [put] out money into a party for no-shows, more importantly, this is a crushing blow to a child's self-esteem. Worst case, you lose some 'friends' that aren't actually."

Other users pointed out that families teach their kids a bad message when they don't do things they promise they'll do. "This came up in a local mom group—someone's kid did something bad and she wanted to punish him by not letting him go to a birthday party. Nope. All you're teaching him is that social obligations aren't important, and punishing the other kid. He goes to the party—he can get punished on his own time," one comment read.

However, some thought the OP should give the families the benefit of the doubt or should've chosen a different date for the celebration in the first place. "My money says that when they RSVP'd a month in advance nobody realized the party was on Mother’s Day. Then they probably forgot all about it in the run up to Sunday. I wonder how many of them even realized they missed the party. Why oh why wouldn’t you have had the party on Saturday?" wrote one user. Another commented, "You shouldn't have booked a birthday party on Mother's day —that's basically asking to be stood up. Still, people RSVPing and then not showing up is super lame. People should at least have the decency to say 'No, I can't make it' up front. I'm sorry for your son, that sucks. :("

In an update to the post, the OP responded, saying she wasn't able to move the date of the celebration because the venues in their area were booked solid for months, and that Sunday was the only day available, and was her son's actual birthday. "If I had gotten only 'no' RSVPs or no responses, I would have cancelled and picked a different party. But since I got a respectable amount of positive RSVPs, I decided to keep it," she wrote. She also mentioned she had spent a total of about $300 out of pocket for her son's birthday.

As for people's suggestion that she call out the families involved for what they did, she addressed that in an update as well. "I decided to send them all a note that read something like this: 'Hey, sorry we missed you at the party! I hope everyone is feeling okay. Next time, please send me a text to let me know if you won't make it. (Son) was really sad that (child) didn't make it, and I didn't know what to tell him.'"

But, as the OP revealed, she was able to find a "silver lining" in all of this. "We also took my son out to dinner at his favorite restaurant, and today we had cupcakes for breakfast. I have adorable mini sandwiches pre-made for my lunches for the next two weeks, and a surplus of disposable plates and cutlery for when I'm feeling lazy. The two dozen roses that were not claimed by the moms of the guests became mine, and now my office smells fantastic."

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