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'Acting Inappropriately' Daycare Incident Report Is Most Hilarious Thread on Reddit Right Now

For parents of young kids, there's nothing quite as stress inducing as getting an ominous note or call from a teacher at school or daycare. While these messages don't always contain good news, they can sometimes be hilarious—especially if you have a funny toddler who doesn't quite understand boundaries yet.

That was the case for the family of Elizabeth, who came home with a note that has gone viral online. In the incident report, the teacher explains that the 3-year-old was "acting inappropriately by showing another student her butthole while saying 'Look at my butthole.'" Obviously a no-no, but still funny when written down in a formal note.

A friend of Elizabeth's parents posted a picture of the note on Reddit, where it has since received over 87,000 upvotes from people who are surely cracking up over the little girl's antics. The hilarious story inspired others to share the ridiculous notes they've seen kids receive from school. (Warning: These are definitely NSFW.)

"I have a similar note ready for my son for a future wedding embarrassment," wrote CompZombie. "He was written up in 1st grade for showing the class his underwear. His write-up from the teacher included a spot to put down his plan for the future. And he put, 'To keep my pants up and do my work.' Now that's a lesson we should all remember."

"We didn’t get a note like this, but when my oldest (now 18) was in kindergarten, we got a call from the school that he was getting completely naked to pee at the urinal," wrote pmartin1. "You can’t even be mad. Fast forward about five years, same kid, we head over to my buddy’s house to help him out with something. Five seconds after we’re in the door, the kid is lounging around my buddy’s house in nothing but his underwear."

"I don't have a written note, but when my eldest was about 4 the teacher was asking the children for words starting with a letter of the alphabet," wrote ladyangua. "When she got to 'F' he called out 'Fucking Hell'; somehow she managed to keep a straight face and told him that while he was right he shouldn't say that at [kindergarten.] When my husband picked him up she told him what happened and laughed about it."

"My 5-year-old son went to camp at the YMCA last year," wrote UsedDragon. "We got one of these that said, 'Logan ran out of the locker room naked, yelling I'M NAKED AND MY PENIS IS SHOWING! HAHAHA! My wife wasn't impressed. I thought it was funny as hell."

"My wife wanted to murder me when our son's note [stated] that he kept calling everybody a motherfucker all day," wrote Samsquanchiz.

And of course, this type of behavior isn't anything new for toddlers. Several parents noted their little ones have given others an up-close and personal view of their backside.

"After hearing the neighbor girl scream 'OH MY GOD!' from another room during a play date with my kids, I learned that my youngest daughter calls this a 'Super Moon,'" wrote alphagettijoe.

"I was looking through my iPad one day—my kids like to take pictures and it’s usually a bit heartwarming," wrote beardedbast3rd. "Well, I scroll and find a video of nothing, just the ceiling, then my 4-year-old son's face comes into view, smiling, then goes away for a few seconds more of seeing the roof. As I check to see if the video is over or still playing, his butt comes into view, full spread for a few seconds, then you can hear him shriek a laugh and run off, then it ends a few seconds later. Never have I been so confused and amused at the same time."

Other commenters pointed out how strange the whole ordeal must've been for the teacher.

"The funniest part is the fact the teacher wrote 'butthole' on the report," sjmiv. "She could've used any number of other generic/medical terms butt instead used the language of a child."

"I'm guessing this isn't Norma's first rodeo," wrote Tarijeno. "A new teacher would've found a more delicate way to put it: 'Elizabeth, while making friends, showed several of her classmates her 'no-no' spot.' A more professional teacher would have said 'Elizabeth exposed her private area to another student in the class.' Norma's just like, 'Fuck it. She said butthole so I'm writing butthole.'"

One person even came up with the perfect "punishment" for Elizabeth. Here's hoping they hold on to the note and use it to their advantage one day down the line.

"That should be framed, and then hidden, until the day of her high school graduation party," wrote wyliethecoyote641. "Hang that puppy high and proud."

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