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Amy Schumer's Refreshingly Real Photos of Her Post-Labor Are a Present to Moms Everywhere

Despite facing some unpleasant side effects, Amy Schumer has been candid and has maintained a sense of humor throughout her pregnancy. Now that's she's finally given birth to son Gene Attell Fischer, whom she shares with husband Chris Fischer, she's assured us all that her hilarious commentary and commitment to showing the real side of motherhood isn't going to stop.

On Mother's Day, Amy posted a photo to Instagram of herself at the hospital. And it's a scene many moms will recognize.

In the foreground of the photo, a woman with hair neatly pulled into a ponytail, wearing street clothes, lovingly holds a baby in her arms.

But that woman is not Amy.

Instead, the comedian is in the background, gazing at the woman holding her son. Amy is sitting on the toilet, wearing a hospital gown and red socks, likely the ones with grips hospitals give to delivering moms, her hair is messy, and she looks EXHAUSTED—totally understandable considering she just gave birth. Quite the contrast to the woman in the foreground.

"Milf alert 1 o’clock," she jokingly wrote in the caption, referring to herself.

In less than 24 hours, the photo has racked up almost 1 million likes. Many moms commented that the photo was a not-often-seen, yet accurate portrayal of new mothers soon after giving birth. "That is literally what I looked like. Love it," said one user. Another wrote, "THIS is why I said no visitors." "Perfectly sums up first days," wrote one more user.

The photo is quite different from the photo she posted the day before, of her tenderly holding her son in her arms. But even then, Amy did not miss an opportunity to be open about what it's really like to be pregnant and give birth.

In addition to thanking her doula and the doctors and nurses who helped her, Amy said, "Women are the shit. Men are cool and whatever, but women are fucking warriors and capable of anything." She also wrote that she "threw up violently and felt sick mostly every day" of her pregnancy. "Hyperemesis [gravidarum] is real and it’s awful." Her hashtags revealed even more about her current state: "#titsleaking #wearingadiaper."

Amy is a speaker of truth, and we are looking forward to more. Congrats!

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