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Hilarious Mom's Comics Capture the Struggle of Raising Teenagers

When it comes to handling teenagers, Annie Kurzweg is a bit of an expert on the topic. The cartoonist and mother of three teens posts funny cartoons on her Instagram page depicting her everyday life "as a way to complain to them, but with a little bit of humor,” she explained in an interview with the Huffington Post.

Some instantly relatable recurring themes:the mysterious "teenage time warp" (see the final comic and you'll know exactly what we mean) and if the teen years were horror movies. Despite all of the jokes, she has some serious insight.

"Parenting is just hard no matter the age. It’s trite, but each age has such joys and such difficulties," she said. "I feel like you don’t sleep when they’re older and you don’t sleep when they’re younger for different reasons. I remember thinking it was hard when I had a toddler and I think it’s hard now.”

But let's focus on the funny to make this arduous journey a little lighter. Here are Annie's best comics:

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