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Mom of three dies after swallowing $102 worth of cocaine

A British teacher and mother of three’s cocaine vacation party led to her horrific death.

Victoria Buchanan — who lives in Dubai — purchased $510 worth of cocaine on her annual family trip to the UK with her husband Mark.

But when Victoria arrived at Manchester airport with $102 of cocaine leftovers, the pretty mom opted to swallow the deadly drug when she realized she still had the drugs in her possession.

Victoria Buchanan was waiting to fly home to Dubai when she realized she still had the drugs in her possession. Victoria Buchanan/Facebook

Moments later in the first-class airport lounge, she collapsed from a severe seizure when the bag burst in her stomach.

Tragically, onlookers at the airport misread Victoria’s seizure as an anaphylactic reaction and responded by administering her epipen.

But by the time she arrived at Wythenshawe Hospital the damage was done and she died later in hospital.

The bag of cocaine was discovered in the post-mortem examination.

Victoria’s husband said: ”We were aware she would take small amounts of cocaine occasionally and it was something we did together. I had left the UK a few days before, not a lot was left, not that that matters now,” the UK Sun reported.

Victoria’s elderly parents weren’t aware of their daughter’s cocaine use.

Irene Dignon, her mother, testified at her inquest: “There was no evidence of anything like drugs with her — she was always so anti-them.”

She added: “She was always so upbeat I wouldn’t have thought she needed them, it’s a different world.”

The assistant coroner was blunter.

“My question is what on earth was she thinking?” Andrew Bridge said.

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