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The 10 Best Baby Swings to Soothe Your Little One

When it comes to soothing, your arms are an ideal spot. But when you need to put your baby down, these calming swings are the next best thing.

This cozy seat is designed to move like parents do—bouncing up and down and swaying side to side. It comes bluetooth-enabled, so you can control its motion and sounds from your phone or other smart device.

If space is tight in your home, this swing’s compact frame will tuck into tight corners so it stays out of your way.

You can choose whether to swing your baby side to side or back and forth in this adorable swing. An overhead mobile turns independently and plays soothing music.

You can use one hand to fold and carry this small swing. It’s ideal for people who need to hide away the swing when it’s not in use or routinely take it to other houses.

You get a swing and a portable rocker with this slim product. In swing mode, you can choose from four motions and two speeds. When you need to bring baby with you around the house, remove the portable rocker and carry it by its handles.

This multitasking baby product has a removable swing seat that doubles as a bouncer.

This portable swing doubles as an infant seat—and is a great price. It also saves space in your home thanks to its small footprint.

You don’t have to try to transfer your baby to her crib after she falls asleep in this swing. It gently lowers into a reclined sleep space that’s safe for her to catch her zzz’s.

Here’s a swing and a stationary vibrating seat in one. You can switch between the motions to give your baby the movement he needs anytime. If you’re traveling, you can collapse this swing and take it with you.

When your baby starts crying, this swing detects it (through microphone technology) and responds by adjusting motion, speed, vibration and sounds until your little one is soothed.

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