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The World Famous Red Rose Mafia presents RR-Magazine. Hand crafted picked original articles for their readers. Founded in 2006 RRM has grown worldwide with their members contributing content from all over the world. From Music, Movies, Culture and more RR-Magazine has you covered!

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The @Dodgers are in the #WorldSeries again⚾️, #Lebron is a @Lakers🏀, the @RamsNFL are undefeated 7-0 🏈... who says #LA is not a Sportstown?!?! #Hollywood 🙌

Do you know anyone who gets their political worldview and talking points from a dramatic TV series that's served up by #Netflix & #Hollywood? A disturbing new turn in American culture...…

The latest outrage in #Hollywood and the #MeToomvmt. Snow White. Yes the cartoon movie from the 30's. The Prince kisses Snow White without her permission. Outrageous!

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